Faerie Tales

Hi, my name is Karen Williams and after years of working in various mediums I feel I have at last found my true vocation and I now work full time as a sculptor in my garden studio in Derbyshire UK.

My work is all self taught and I deliberately avoided training so I could develop my own individual style. My sculptures are all 'one-offs' with no two identical. No moulds or patterns of any kind are used and no castings are made, so you are guaranteed to be getting a truly original highly collectable work of art.

My Sculptures aren't meant to show an accurate representation, but more the spirit and character of the subject, with a touch of humour. I feel I have achieved my goal if I manage to put a smile on someone's face when they view my work.

I work with a combination of wire and material, which I treat to make them solid and hardwearing, which makes them suitable for both home and garden being weather proof all year round. They are then handpainted which is all very time consuming and each piece take many, many hours to make.

Although my sculptures may look fragile, they are in fact very sturdy - but please be aware that although they are fine outside all year round, they don't like being left in a puddle.

All of my sculptures are individually named and come with a thankyou card signed and dated by myself.

As I work in my studio, I'm kept company by my lurcher Fraiser, who's my inspiration for my dog sculptures.